About Us

Principles and Code of Conduct

Material Concept, Inc. will contribute to the implementation of innovative materials that bring about new change, and to sustainable economic and social growth in harmony with the global environment.


  1. Due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake, many businesses have had to temporarily or permanently close, while others have had to shift their manufacturing and plants overseas, making it even more challenging to secure jobs in the Tohoku region. By basing our R&D and manufacturing in the Tohoku region and developing our business for a global market, Material Concept will establish new industry and create jobs that contribute to regional revitalization.
  2. Tohoku University is conducting advanced research with the potential to bring happiness to humanity, enrich lives, and solve humanity’s problems, and it is hoped that the results of this research will give back to society. As a leading university-affiliated venture, Material Concept will outline a strategic framework for creating new value. Furthermore, we will publicize our success stories to share with committed and brave entrepreneurs, in order to increase opportunities for creating Tohoku-based innovation and contributing to regional vitalization.
  3. The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant has increased the demand for sustainable energy that has a low impact on the global environment. In particular, nations are advancing policies to encourage the adoption of solar power that generates perpetual clean energy by leveraging a plentiful resource. Material Concept will pursue achievable technology development to address the urgent issue of reducing the cost of solar power deployment, to see that solar power is more widely adopted in the medium and long term.