Cu Paste/Barrier

Products and Technical Advantages

1. Copper Paste (Patented)

Copper is roughly 1/100th the cost of silver. Using affordable copper paste enables manufacturing of cost competitive products.
Low temperature sintering reduces electricity costs in manufacturing.

2. Multifunctional Interface Layer Material (Patented)

Conductivity and insulation characteristics between copper and substrate can be controlled.
Excellent adherence to base (such as glass, liquid crystal, Al2O3, AlN).
Acts as diffusion barrier layer between copper and silicon.

3. Excellent conductivity

Electrical resistance equal to or below that of conventional silver paste.

4. Improved power generation efficiency in solar batteries

Printed wiring controllable to a width of 60µm or less, thus reducing shadow loss.

5. Affinity with existing manufacturing processes for electronic components

Switch to copper paste and barrier material without changing the process for forming electronic circuits.